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Pertamina Conducts Exploration Activities in Malacca Strait: CEO

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09 Juli 2019 21:03
Jakarta: State oil and gas company PT Pertamina has taken the initiative to conduct exploration activities by carrying out 2D seismic surveys in an area spanning 1,800 kilometers long in Malacca Strait.
President Director of PT Pertamina Hulu Energi (PHE) Meidawati lauded the efforts undertaken by various parties to implement this oil and gas search process during her visit to the Elsa Regent seismic vessel.
"This seismic survey is an important step for PHE's subsidiary, specifically PHE NSO, which continues to innovate and contribute to supporting national energy security. All through 2018 until mid-2019, the PHE has drilled six exploration wells," Meidawati noted in a press release received here Tuesday.

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Seismic activity at the exploration stage is aimed at finding the subsurface image that will serve as the basis of the petroleum system modeling to unearth the location of hydrocarbon accumulation along with the size of the reserves.
The 2D marine seismic activities cover the two districts of East Aceh and North Aceh, which are directly adjacent to the Thai and Malaysian waters. These seismic results will confirm the potential for hydrocarbon accumulation that will become a mainstay field to withstand the rate of decline in production. The potential for future hydrocarbon accumulation is projected to be a replacement field to the Arun Gas Field that once produced around 460 MMCFD.
The PHE NSO, in cooperation with PT Elnusa, is conducting exploration activities through seismic surveys. In addition to being one of the tangible manifestations of synergy between Pertamina's subsidiaries, it is also a testament to the seriousness of PHE NSO that is currently managed through the Gross Split production sharing contract to boost oil and gas reserves.
The seismic surveys are planned for completion in July 2019. Furthermore, these seismic results will be followed up with seismic processing, interpretation, and modeling, so that it can be used in proposing exploration drilling wells to increase reserves. (Antara)


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