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Illustration (Photo:MI)

Trade Ministry Eases Registration of Imported Goods

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Media Indonesia • 20 November 2019 12:41
Jakarta: The Trade Ministry has introduced an application called Consumer Protection and Trade Management Information System (SIMPKTN) to ease the reporting and registration of imported and locally produced goods.
With the advent of the application, businesspeople and related government agencies will no longer be required to visit the Directorate General of the Consumer Protection and Trade Management (PTKN).
According to PTKN Director General Veri Anggrijono, the application will be used to supervise and check the goods registration number (NPB) for import goods and the product registration number (NRP) for locally-produced goods.

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“Starting on the first of December, the application will be available for use. Businesspeople will no longer be required to visit our office building again,” Veri said here on Tuesday, November 19, 2019.
In addition, the application will also allow the Trade Ministry to monitor circulating goods and to know the origins countries of imported goods.
“Yes, it will take up to three days but the good thing is that this is an online application that no longer requires the businesspeople to come to our office building again for reporting and registration," he added. (Translator: Muhammad Gestinev)


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