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BI's Survey Reveals Positive Retail Sales Growth

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Wahyu Dwi Anggoro • 10 Januari 2020 12:56
Jakarta: The latest Retail Sales Survey conducted by Bank Indonesia revealed (BI) positive retail sales growth in November 2019. It was confirmed by Real Sales Index (RSI) growth of 1.3 percent (yoy) despite slower compare to 3.6 percent(yoy) in October 2019.
According to the central bank, retailers acknowledged that the positive sales growth driven by sales in the Motor Vehicles Part and Accessories, Other Household Equipment, and the Food, Beverages, and Tobacco.
"Retailers expected lower sales growth in December 2019 compare to the same period last year," BI said in a written statement issued on Friday, January 10, 2020.

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Such development were confirmed by -0.2 percent (yoy) contraction in the RSI. Respondent acknowledged retails sales declined affecting Cultural and Recreation Goods, and Other Goods.
The survey also indicated a build-up of inflationary pressures at the retail level in the next three months. It was reflected by an increase in the 3-month Price Expectations Index (PEI) to a level of 154.6 from 149.2 the month earlier.


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