Indonesia is committed to addressing matters pertaining to energy access.
Indonesia is committed to addressing matters pertaining to energy access.

Indonesia Formulates Energy Transition Roadmap to Achieve Net Zero Emissions

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Antara • 22 October 2021 15:54
Jakarta: Indonesia has created a roadmap for energy transition to achieve the target of net zero emissions by 2060, Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Arifin Tasrif stated.
“Indonesia is committed to addressing matters pertaining to energy access, smart and clean technology, and financing in the energy sector,” the minister noted while addressing “Road to COP26 Indonesian Pathway for Net Zero Emission – Energy Transition” event on Thursday.
The move is aimed at helping achieve the target of the Paris Agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with the Nationally Determined Contributions in 2030 by 29 percent under a business-as-usual scenario and 41 percent with international support.

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The main strategies to be pursued by the country to achieve the target encompass the extensive development of new and renewable energy and gradual retirement of fossil fuel-fired power plants in accordance with their age, he explained.
Moreover, the Indonesian government will, in stages, make optimum use of pump storage, battery energy, storage system (BESS), and hydrogen fuel cell from 2031, he revealed.
It will also take into account an option for nuclear power plant development in 2045, with a capacity of up to 35 gigawatts until 2060.
In addition, it will increase network reliability by building intra and inter insular connections and developing smart grids and smart meters, he remarked.
“We will also push for the use of electric vehicles, with the target of stopping the sales of conventional motorcycles by 2040 and conventional cars by 2050 and provide massive public transportation modes,” he noted.
Tasrif remarked that energy consumers from the commercial and industrial sectors, with the largest energy consumption, play an essential role in the country’s energy transition.
The companies’ commitment offers a viable opportunity to the government to collaborate in energy transition, he affirmed.
“The Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry will push for innovative collaboration with the companies in order to accelerate energy transition,” he added. 

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