Illustration (Photo:MI/Sumaryanto)
Illustration (Photo:MI/Sumaryanto)

Indonesian Economy Will Remain Stable during Elections: Minister

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Eko Nordiansyah • 21 Maret 2019 12:58
Jakarta: Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati has reiterated that the indonesian economy will remain stable in the wake of the 2019 upcoming simultaneous general and presidential elections.
"So we don't have to worry about it. But we have to stay vigilant," the former World Bank managing director told the press on Thursday, March 21, 2019.
Considered the third largest democracy in the world, Indonesia will hold a simultaneous general and presidential elections on April 17. For the first time in the country's history, Voters will elect the president, the vice president as well as members of national and local legislative bodies on the same day.

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According to the official data, as many as 192 million people will be eligible to vote this year. In addition to that, around 800 thousand polling stations will be opened on the voting day.
"We are committed last year's good momentum. We had a good start this year. We recorded deflation in February," Sri Mulyani noted.
"Our balance of payments is good. Our trade performance is also positive," Sri Mulyani added.
Quoting a recent report from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), Indonesia recorded a trade surplus of US$330 million in February 2019, it was its first surplus since October 2018.
Indonesian exports stood at US$12.53 billion in February 2019. It decreased by 10.03 percent compared to January 2019.
Indonesian non-oil and gas exports stood at US11.44 billion in February 2019. It decreased by 9.85 percent compared to January 2019.
According to BPS, Indonesia recorded a trade deficit of US$8.57 billion in 2018. It was the highest ever recorded by the agency.
Indonesian exports reached US$180.06 billion in 2018. The number increased by 6.65 percent compared to 2017.
Indonesian non-oil and gas exports reached US$162.65 billion last year. The number increased by 6.25 percent compared to the previous year.


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