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Illustration ( Rizal)

Ministry Procures Covid-19 Test Kits from Switzerland

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Antara • 20 Maret 2020 22:48
Jakarta: State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) Minister Erick Thohir confirmed to having ordered covid-19 test kits from Switzerland.
"We also purchased (test kits) from Switzerland. We have ordered them, and at the end of this month, they will arrive, and we will be distributing them," Minister Thohir stated during a videoconference here on Friday, March 20, 2020.
Thohir remarked that the procurement process of the test kits also involved experts to ensure that they were of good quality.

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"This procurement process is not only assisted by a team at the Ministry of Health but a team of doctors is also involved. We have roped in these experts," he noted.
The minister admitted to having prioritized the covid-19 test kits that involve the saliva collection method.
"Hence, there are two types of test kits that involve the use of saliva or blood for analysis. We choose the kit that uses saliva for testing, as this saliva will be used at hospitals," he explained.
Thohir stated that the covid-19 test kits, ordered from China, had arrived in Indonesia and were handed over to the Ministry of Health to then be distributed to hospitals.
"I think the test kits from China have been given to the Ministry of Health," he remarked.
He added that Indonesia had also received free test kits from Singapore.
"We thank Singapore for the free test kits," he added. (Antara)


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