Illustration ( Rizal)
Illustration ( Rizal)

Red Tape Hinders Tourism Investment

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Media Indonesia • 09 September 2019 12:30
Jakarta: The Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing stated that complex regulations at the regional level make investment in tourism sector less interesting.
“As an example, the construction of strategic infrastructure projects around Toba Lake is being halted at the moment due to complex procedure,” said the Ministry’s strategic projects monitoring and evaluation team coordinator Taufik Widjoyono last week.
As a result, the central government has formed a team called destination management office whose main purpose is to help adjust the problematic regulations In order to further develop the national tourist destinations.

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“We think that this form of intervention is quite exaggerated. Nonetheless, we must do it.
Tourism is one of the main contributors for our national income,” he explained
For the last three years, the ministr has built and improved 145-kilometer Samosir ring road intended to ease access to and from Samosir island which is located in the middle of Toba lake.
“The construction will have been finished by the end of this year. After this, we will
continue to widen the bridges around the Samosir Ring road,” said The main officer of
national road execution office II of North Sumatera, Rikwanto Marbun.
The office has recorded 88 bridges around the road. Among them, 27 are still too
narrow to be able to be passed through by cars.(Translator: Muhammad Gestinev)


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