AK-47 rifle. REUTERS / Michelle McLoughlin
AK-47 rifle. REUTERS / Michelle McLoughlin

Competing Against Russia, the State-Owned Company Produces Assault Rifles

Suci Sedya Utami • 29 June 2015 17:16
medcom.id, Jakarta: National weaponry company, PT Pindad (Persero) has developed its latest assault rifle product, the SS type Caliber 7.62 MM, which is believed to be capable of competing with the Russian legendary rifle AK-47.
The statement was conveyed by the Director of Pindad, Silmy Karim, when visited by the Minister of State-Owned Companies Rini Soemarno at Pindad's Head Office in Bandung, West Java, Saturday June 27, 2015.
"Our latest product is SS Rifle Caliber 7.62 MM LB, which I dare to be tested against the Russian's AK-47," Silmy said.

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The latest assault rifle developed and assembled in Bandung is currently on the certification process. "Currently it is only TE certification process," Silmy stated.
Various weapons have been produced by the red-plated company, including the SS-2 V-4 Heavy Barrel and G-2 Handgun, which have brought the Indonesian Military to conquer the world shooting championship.
Not only the rifles, Pindad's also produced armored vehicles or ANOA panzer able to move at the surface of the water.
"This can really swim on the water. It can maneuver. The panzer is strong enough and can be battled against similar products from other countries," he mentioned.
According to Silmy, during these times, defense sector in Indonesia still uses lots of military equipments purchased from abroad. However, Silmy continued, why would the government loudly discusses about interior industries if their investment goes abroad. It is better to invest within the country to develop national industry.
"Then I have a vision, rather than funding other country's factory by buying their products, it is better to produce and purchase from our own country," he concluded. (Eps)


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