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Lola Amaria's Film Praised During European Roadshow

Elang Riki Yanuar    •    22 Mei 2016 22:03

Lola Amaria (left) at Leiden University (Photo: doc.) Lola Amaria (left) at Leiden University (Photo: doc.)

medcom.id, Jakarta: Indonesian movie maker, Lola Amaria, screened her latest film, Jingga, at Leidein University, the Netherlands, this week.

Jingga tells the story of four disabled youth who try to fulfill their dreams. The movie received positive responses from the audience in the screening.

"The film is made to spread awareness that disabled people in Indonesia need our attention. We should not ignore them," said Lola Amaria in a written statement received by Metrotvnews.com.

This is Jingga's second screening in Europe. Previously, it has been showed in Spain.

Jingga is also scheduled to be screened in nine other European cities this fall including Florence, Berlin and Zurich.